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Executive Career Guidance

Stand out. Be noticed. Get selected. 


Be noticed as the high-quality talent lcompanies want, be selected for the jobs you most desire, and accelerate your career to achieve your ultimate career goal

Senior Leaders and Executives

Senior leaders and executives wanting to reinvent or reinvigorate their executive career.

Extraordinary leaders get access to the higher level and career defining jobs. Are you regarded as an extraordinary leader?

Everyone deserves to succeed in their career. By re-focusing on yourself you can stand out and be noticed as an extraordinary leader, multiplying the executive job opportunities to accelerate your career. Hunton Executive provides a comprehensive online course to transform your executive career trajectory. 

By completing our Executive Career Guidance online course we will help you to meticulously plan for your executive career and thoroughly prepare you for the application process. The course has everything you need to help you be noticed as the high-quality talent every company wants.

Avoid missing out on the career defining jobs and prevent being overlooked. Sign up to our online course today. 

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Aspiring Executives

Corporate professionals wanting to stand out in a competitive job market, be noticed for promotional opportunities by head-hunters and employers and get selected for the career defining job opportunities.


High-quality talent gets access to the higher level and career defining jobs. If you are not regarded as high-quality talent, you will not stand out, get noticed, or be selected for the jobs that will accelerate your career. Are you regarded as high-quality talent?

Everyone deserves to succeed in their career. By re-focusing on yourself you can stand out and be noticed as high-quality talent, multiplying the opportunities to accelerate your career. Hunton Executive provides a comprehensive online course to transform your career trajectory.  

By completing our online course, you will get noticed for the career defining roles, be selected for the jobs you want with the market leading companies and enhance your visibility as high-quality talent to accelerate your global executive career trajectory.

Avoid missing out on the career defining jobs and prevent being overlooked. Sign up to our online course today.

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"Before working with Hunton Executive, I struggled to clearly define my own personal brand; which perplexed me as I was easily able to define a brand for a product/service. My frustration grew as I struggled to clearly articulate who I was, what I stood for and subsequently what value I offered. Hunton Executive was like no other, in that the service was personable, authentic and pragmatic; typically, not found in recruitment or executive coaching. After working with Hunton Executive, I uncovered a clear sense of my own personal brand, whilst feeling more confident in my unique set of attributes and value offering. Working with Hunton Executive has made it much clearer to me what companies and career goals I want to align with in order to maximise my value offering, achieve my career aspirations, as well as confidently lead others towards success. Thank you, Vanessa and the Hunton Executive team, for taking the time to get to know me and bring out my best qualities. I have the upmost confidence this will support my leadership roles and decision-making moving forward. "

Marketing Executive - Sydney, Australia

"I was lucky to have been reminded of your service through a mutual friend. Having been made redundant just before COVID and having to go through a year where there were fewer suitable openings due to business uncertainty had created serious self-doubts in even a normally optimistic person like myself. You have the ability to bring out the best in people and the ability to nudge them gently to be more optimistic. Your taking the time to listen to me, help rewrite my resume and get me to document the good work that I had done has helped me get better clarity, confidence and articulate the value that I can bring to any organisation. Whilst the search is ongoing, I have faith that the next opportunity is just around the corner. Thanks for being a great coach and trusted advisor during these challenging times. "

Head of Marketing & Commercialisation - Sydney, Australia

"I was concerned and dissatisfied with my CV and what direction it may take me to as I needed to make a focus shift in the way I was looking for opportunities. I recently completed a number of courses with the University of Cape Town and University of Cambridge and need to restructure my CV to best reflect those new skill sets I was not sure if my old CV contained too much information or too little. Did it tell the right story, did it convey the right message? How well will it do to get an organisation to have a second look at what I have to offer? Even with my qualifications. I tried something similar before with promises of high success rates. It seemed however that the service on offer was merely a skilled way of fitting a humdrum CV into a smart looking Word Document. No personal interaction, no real human interest. It was just a process. For the first time, engaging with Vanessa, I felt the personal interest from a person talking to me, and the ability to express some personal experiences that can benefit potential clients. Talking to Vanessa, her genuine interest, the prep work for our conversation that helped her to ask real time questions. The feeling that our conversation was actually going somewhere. It lifted a burden off my shoulders and helped me to view my efforts in a completely different way. I am now working with my daughter, who is a skilled projects facilitator, to establish a project and OHS consultancy. My focus has shifted for the better and I thank Vanessa for her personal guidance and help."

Work Health & Safety Executive - Cape Town, South Africa

"After a long period of time living and working overseas, it was time to repatriate to Australia for family reasons. I was hopeful of repatriation with my company, but as the opportunities at my level in Australia were limited, I knew this would be difficult. So, I needed to consider all opportunities within my company and beyond. The feeling was uncomfortable, daunting and a little scary. After such a long period with one company, it takes confidence, self-belief, and guts to consider anything else. Many executive search firms approach things transactionally. You are simply a solution to a client’s problem. Vanessa sees the situation from your perspective and approaches the challenge with empathy and humanity. Her success metric is helping people to be their best and live into their potential. I knew that Vanessa’s approach was working because after each conversation, I was more confident, more optimistic, had more options and felt more clarity than before the conversation! It feels good to have clarity of purpose and step into a role that allows me the opportunity to live my purpose, serve others, challenge myself and be the best version of me. "

Vice President - Sydney, Australia

"My personal journey with Hunton Executive began following redundancy of my role after 11 years in an organisation where I had grown enormously, felt valued and had undertaken a completely new career direction during that time. Suddenly I found myself trying to navigate uncharted territory, with a very outdated resume, a social media profile that underrepresented my value and unsure how to articulate my worth in a specialty area where I had never put myself out into the market before. Simultaneously I was embarking on an international relocation and about to enter a much bigger market where I did not have strong connections and seeking an executive role. This all felt very daunting. So, I met with Vanessa Meikle at Hunton Executive, and she created a bespoke coaching package for me which included: untangling my emotions around retrenchment; valuing the journey I had been on and getting clarity on my aspirations for the journey ahead; defining my personal value proposition; refining and articulating my "elevator pitch"; reconstructing my resume; highlighting my achievements; amplify my social media presence enhancing my professional networking capabilities; and prep and debrief for different types of interviews. The outcome in a few short weeks is serious clarity on the value I bring to an organisation, articulating that and bringing it to life on "paper" as well as in an interview situation. I am thrilled with my investment in executive coaching and the impact this is having on landing my next career opportunity. I highly recommend Hunton Executive and Vanessa Meikle for executive coaching."

Head of People and Culture - London, United Kingdom

"Inspirational, Passionate, Driven and Enthusiastic. Just some of the words I would use to sum up my experience with the Hunton Executive Team. Working with Vanessa Meikle (Founder and CEO) and her team has been a truly positive experience. Vanessa’s industry knowledge and approach with clients is grounded, personable and it’s clear that she genuinely cares about the people she interacts with. Vanessa has challenged me to re-evaluate what I am passionate about, which has opened up a world of possibilities in my career journey. Her natural coaching style, warmness and charismatic sense of humour is engaging; and her ability to understand what drives you as a person and as a professional, makes working together so easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Vanessa and the Hunton Executive Team and have no doubt that this is the start of a beautiful, long relationship. "

Marketing and Communications Director - Sydney Australia

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