Our coaching is designed to transform your perspective to performance.  Understanding that as a senior leader your business, life and career are all connected, we put you at the centre. Our coaching instils a global mindset and gives you the opportunity to have personalised support through structured conversations, in a confidential and safe environment, on your terms. This is about you.


Our 10-week comprehensive executive program is specifically designed for: 

  • Experienced and ambitious leaders wanting to transition from clinical leadership to healthcare leadership.
  • Healthcare and Life Science executives wanting to transform their performance.
  • Healthcare and Life Science senior leaders looking to expand from executive to board directorship.

It is a tailored executive coaching program designed to help you develop a global mindset, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, enhance your visibility, and create extraordinary possibilities that will ultimately accelerate your performance.


Over 10 weeks you will have 10x 60-minute one on one coaching sessions with our executive experts. Each week is designed to take you on a specific journey to help you challenge your career hypothesis, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, think global, and challenge your past assumptions. Our outcomes are measurable by the opportunities that we will create together, for you.

Week 1: What's my Board/Executive brand?

Seats at the table are limited. It is therefore critical to demonstrate value with clarity and confidence. We set out what you want your brand to be.

Week 2: Presence - be polished, be eloquent and listen 

Effective board members/executives exude executive presence. Identify what the elements of such presence are and understand what potential issues may arise. We rehearse how to best manage the critical situations that can put pressure on your executive presence or challenge your emotions.

Week 3: Be bold and be right - instilling an organizational growth mindset

Most organizations bring in new board members/executives to energize and challenge the leadership team towards growth. We consider what this looks like in practice.

Week 4: Bad odour and vulnerabilities - Identifying and managing the downside

Your longevity in a company is impacted by how well you protect yourself and the company from bad actors and complex market dynamics. We discuss how to sense trouble early, identify vulnerabilities, and manage the downsides.

Week 5: The truth about change management

Leading change in a complex environment successfully is different to implementing transformational projects. Learn how to do change, the right way. 

Week 6: Rehearsals - funding, acquisitions, exits and talent

These are some of the most important yet challenging tasks a board member/executive will have. We rehearse them for you to recognise what boards prioritize and why and roleplay the navigation that can take years to learn.

Week 7: Chief Energy Officer

Energy is contagious. As a leader you have a disproportionate influence on the energy level in your organisation. Learn how to harness this energy to propel your organisation forward.

Week 8: From leadership to thought leadership 

Thought leaders have an asymmetric advantage with respect to leadership. No matter how strong you are thought leadership significantly increases your visibility, credibility, and opportunities. 

Week 9: From connecting to feeling connected 

Networking is vastly different to knowing how to leverage your network effectively for business growth. Learning this difference will accelerate your market influence and leadership.  

Week 10: Futureproofing your business

The greatest leaders learnt to retell the story of their business as it evolves, carrying the momentum forward. Learn how to retell your story in the age of digital-first.


  1. A global mindset.
  2. Identify your unique value proposition and executive brand. 
  3. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  4. A transition from leadership to thought leadership.
  5. Leveraging trust as a strategy. 
  6. Recognise false positives in business and life. 
  7. Retell the story of your business for the age of digital-first.
  8. The resilience and confidence to lead change and raise capital for growth.
  9. Ability to leverage your network effectively to create win-win outcomes.
  10. Ability to translate your perspectives for performance and create asymmetric outcomes for your business and self.


  1. A comprehensive and tailored 10-week executive program.
  2. 10 x 60-minute private one-on-one sessions providing teaching, coaching and mentorship.
  3. Hypothesis driven experimentation with accountability and outcomes.
  4. Unlimited access to Dr Ramin Rafiei to enable real-time execution of our program over the 10 weeks.
  5. Unconventional learning to achieve aspirational results. 
  6. Instilling the confidence to challenge your assumptions, leveraging your values and perspectives towards asymmetric outcomes. 
  7. Ability to connect to a global network of experts, thought leaders, board directors, and investors.
  8. Access to our healthcare digital transformation practice.
  9. The ability to transition to our mentorship program. 
  10. Access to our executive search practice. 

Dr Ramin Rafiei

Executive Chairman, Healthcare Advisor, Academic, and Investor

Dr Ramin Rafiei is a senior executive and entrepreneur in healthcare and life sciences, specializing in profitable top-line growth and digital transformation. Ramin has led the creation of new businesses and business units globally across diverse sectors including medical devices, healthcare services, biopharmaceuticals, photonics and high-tech manufacturing. Ramin also serves as a Chairman and Board member for US-based VC & Private Equity backed healthcare and technology companies. Dr Rafiei is a trusted advisor to Big Tech and Life Sciences companies and serves as a Faculty member at UC San Diego, California. Ramin is the co-founder of Reformulate Health, a global advisory practice focused on strategic commercial, innovation and investment services for leading companies in the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, digital healthcare, and healthcare investment industries. Ramin holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from The Australian National University, with acute understanding of data science, measurement science and machine learning (deep learning) methods.


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