Change the trajectory of your career in just 30 days with a comprehensive online course for corporate job seekers and proactive professionals wanting to accelerate their career.  Within 30 days learn how to stand out in a competitive job market, be noticed as high-quality talent, and get selected for the career defining jobs that transform your career. 


An online course designed to help proactive professionals confidently transform their career and professional job seekers get the job they really want.

Helping you to plan and navigate your career to stand out, be noticed and get selected for the career defining job opportunities that will accelerate your career trajectory and help you create a sustainable and successful career. 

Your career trajectory

At some point in your career you will apply for a new job. Whether you are starting your career after graduating, looking for career change to have a better work and life balance, or looking for a higher-level role.

The process of applying for a new job can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Second guessing how to get noticed, whether the company and job is right for you, and if you are worth it.

Your preparation and planning in finding your new job starts well before you send your application. The time and effort you put into your preparation and planning will enhance your visibility, improve your credibility, and get you noticed as the high-quality talent every company wants.

We offer a comprehensive online course with practical tools and resources that will help you realise your value as high-quality talent.

Our 6-step career framework we will help you to:

  1. Identify the roadmap to your career goal giving you clarity and direction
  2. Create a competitive advantage with so you stand out as high-quality talent
  3. Get your application noticed with a compelling CV, covering letter and LinkedIn profile
  4. Set you up for success in the recruitment process, specifically the interview and assessment stage to guarantee you are selected for the job you want
  5. Get the job you need, with the employer you want, and the salary you deserve giving you the push in the right direction
  6. Transition into your new role to make the right impact during your onboarding

This course takes the guesswork out of your application and job search AND it helps you plan for your future career, not just your next job opportunity.

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This course will change the job search landscape and put the control firmly in your hands.

There are 6 modules dedicated to each stage of your career planning. From this course you will:

  1. Create your CAREER ROADMAP to understand the steps you need to take from where you are now to where you want to be.  Confidently make the right decisions based on your strengths and career goal.

  2. Create your COMPETITIVE EDGE with a compelling personal brand, LinkedIn profile, 90 second elevator pitch, and an effective networking and engagement strategy that will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.

  3. GET YOUR APPLICATION NOTICED with a captivating application, compelling CV and covering letter that employers and head-hunters will take notice of.

  4. SUCCEED IN THE INTERVIEW by meticulously preparing for every interview eventuality to make the ultimate impression and be selected for the job you want. Plan for stages, questions, assessments, and presentations so you can confidently impress every employer and recruiter. 

  5. GET THE JOB YOU WANT by confidently choosing the right opportunity, negotiating the salary you deserve and starting a strong relationship with your new employer. Learn how to resign properly so you can build your legacy as high quality talent. 

  6. MAKE AN IMPACT in the first 90 days by transitioning effectively into your new executive leadership position. These first 90 days are critical to the success of your new position. Be confident and be prepared for all eventualities. 

The Career Guidance course will help you to meticulously plan for your career and thoroughly prepare you for any application process so you can be selected for the jobs that will accelerate your career.

This course has everything you need to help you be noticed as the high-quality talent every company wants.

A cost-effective solution to private career coaching with all the practical tools and resources to help you achieve your career goals.

By completing this online course, you will be noticed as the high-quality talent every company wants, be selected for the jobs you most desire, and accelerate your career.

Take the step to uncover your potential and accelerate your career. Sign up today.

Your investment into your personal and professional development that will transform your career.

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A course specifically for professional job seekers and proactive professionals

We have created this online course to help people, just like you, so you can take control of your career and achieve the personal and professional goals you aspire to.  

This course is for you if you are:

  • A corporate professional who wants to be the best on the market but has a limited budget to pay for a full coaching program but want access to all my career advice, coaching strategies, and templates.
  • A professional jobseeker who wants all of the step-by-step strategies, proven templates, and resources on their terms with on-demand videos so they can learn at their own pace.
  • A proactive job seeker who thinks ahead and wants to plan their career in advance so they never have to be in a position where they are not prepared.
  • A professional looking for a promotion internally and wants to strategically plan how they can be the one to get that promotion.
  • A professional who is going through a career transition and needs practical advice, at a price they can afford, after redundancy and unemployment.

We understand what you need to do to accelerate your career

In the 20 years in executive search and recruitment we have seen careers from both sides; employee and employer. We know exactly what employers want to see in candidates and what successful candidates do to stand out from their competitors.

As experienced recruiters we have sourced and selected the top 2% of candidates for jobs and know exactly what puts people in the top 2%

The candidates who stand out from the competition have credibility as high-quality talent through their reputation, have visibility in their market with a strong personal brand, and are well networked. All these attributes provide an advantage that multiplies job opportunities and accelerates their career.

We have proven, tried and tested strategies, techniques, templates and resources that we know work. 

When you register today for our CAREER GUIDANCE ONLINE COURSE, you will FINALLY have the answers to your biggest questions:

  1. How you can stand out and be noticed by employers and head-hunters.
  2. How you can accelerate your career by being selected for the career defining jobs.
  3. How to approach the interview and assessment process to stand out and impress in any eventuality.
  4. How to negotiate the salary you deserve.
  5. How you can effectively transition into your new job to make an immediate impact.
  6. How to effectively plan your career to achieve your ultimate career goal.

  7. How to strategically build your credibility as high-quality talent that will benefit your career, not just your next job opportunity.

You will FINALLY have the PLAN you have been hungry for. You will know exactly how to THINK…what TO DO…and what your next steps SHOULD BE.

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An investment that you will benefit from for the entirety of your career

An online course designed for YOU so you can confidently transform your career. We offer a comprehensive online course to help professionals who want to progress their careers and have struggled in some way to be noticed or selected for the career defining executive job opportunities that will accelerate their careers. 

Learn how to:

  1. Create a competitive advantage
  2. Get your application noticed
  3. Plan for your career with a detailed roadmap
  4. Succeed in the interview process Negotiate your salary
  5. Make an impact during the critical first 90 days
  6. Plan and create a sustainable career

An investment to help you for the entirety of your career, not just your next job opportunity.  

  • A cost effective solution to private coaching sessions
  • On demand so you can access it anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to watch 3-15-minute videos with instructions and tutorials to help you implement strategies immediately
  • 12 month subscription to access all content and bonus material
  • Free e-book on How To Get That CEO Job 

Multiple free templates including: 

  • CV template and covering letter template
  • 90 second elevator pitch template 
  • Step by step guide to social media template 
  • Behavioural interview questions to help you prepare for the interview process, including the STARS interview technique guide 
  • Plus additional templates that will help you learn the techniques to implement immediately

This is an investment that will transform your job search and help you achieve a sustainable and successful career.

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